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説明付き / 写真のみ

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3,680円(税抜 3,407円、税 273円)

How would you like to eat one of the world health BEST 3 vegetable Apios? Though it is a potato (rootcrop vegetable), it is the Leguminosae of the climbing nature perennial plant. The country of origin is in the North America eastern part and is native American's precious food, and called "Indian potato". It is called to be as an another name "American ground pea" in Japan.It is a potato that nutritive value is an extremely high.This is a treasure house of calcium, iron, sodium, vitamin C, vitamin E and dietary fiber. It is said tobe that nutritive value is higher as the outside.


5,680円(税抜 5,259円、税 421円)

This is a cheese set made from the fresh milk of the Jersey cattle. The important thing is whether cattles are feeding and drinking what and brought up. They were brought up by "only pasture grass which is never used pesticides and fertilizers completely". It is an important point that they are brought up by only grass-compost and leaf molds in the mountain. In addition, the water they drinks is subsurface water which was drawn from 190m under the ground. It was "zero general bacteria detection" as a result of inspection. In common, zero detection impossible. But why here's one is zero? Because it is subsurface water in 190m depth from the summit of a village-mountain which altitude is approximately 200m. Above them are only sky. Bacterias cannot enter into. Kinds of cheese are four. He puts cheeses into plastic bags and wraps them by cushionings and puts them into a carbon box with refrigerants and delivers you by cool-delivery-services.


5,880円(税抜 5,444円、税 436円)

These are mikans of the reduced-pesticides and non-weedkillers. All are 10kg boxes. The approximate schedule of mikan's shipment and size variation is as follows. Super-early size M/S from Oct.20th to Nov.5th, Akebono M/S from Nov.6th to Dec.begging, Early L/M/S from Dec. biggining to Jan.beggining, Late 3L/L/M from Jan.begging to the end of Feb. All are harvested ones matured on the trees, and will deliver you by RT delivery service. As for the relation between size and price, L/M is 4,580 yen and S is 4,180 yen and 3L is 3,480 yen.


7,380円(税抜 6,833円、税 547円)

1.2 or 3 pieces in a box of 1m in length.
2.not "薯" but "生".
3.Never using any pesticides and artificial manures since 1999.
4.Because tenacity is strong and density is thick, you would feel profitable.
5.Keep it in constant temperature (in a refrigerator) of 3.5 degrees for saving around 6 months.
(A)1日3本限定;塩ウニ150gビン1本 熊本県天草郡苓北町 田島正様出品「健康・最高・アスリート志向!」九州産直市場の逸材・ブランド♪

(A)1日3本限定;塩ウニ150gビン1本 熊本県天草郡苓北町 田島正様出品「健康・最高・アスリート志向!」九州産直市場の逸材・ブランド♪

7,180円(税抜 6,648円、税 532円)
1.Only 3 per day.The super highest grade natural sea urchin
2.A plumply fat sea urchin has rich and grease sweetness
3.There are spring sea urchin fishing and summer sea urchin fishing among life-threatening diving fishing without diving equipment
4.Terrible prosessing works "Buying is cheaper than prosessing"
5.Salty sea urchins by using the natural salt have good keeping quality throughout the year if you refrigerate it


13,180円(税抜 12,203円、税 977円)

1.Please select from abundant combination.
2.There are not alive Amakusadaious outside of Kumamoto prefecture. They are kings of native chickens.
3.He is particular about the feeding days more than 150 days after extrication.
4.He is particular about organic manures and Ellen water.
5.The affection to chickens is maximum grade, too.


3,380円(税抜 3,129円、税 251円)

Surprised! It's a fruit which grows around shaft! It's "Jabuticava", native of Brazil. He refrigerates the ones which cultivated without "any pesticides
completely" in plastic greenhouses, and makes gas flushing and sends them by "frozen-delivery service". I sell it by unit of a pack 250g. I will deliver you it in a box to 5 packs. If it is the same shipping address, I will assume it for one postage to four boxes.


26,980円(税抜 24,981円、税 1,999円)

As for colors, it's only white. Please understand beforehand. It is a kind "V3" originated from Taiwan. I will "gift-wrap all for celebrations". Please choose the color of the wrapping paper among three kinds of "red", "purple" and "green". Acceptable "the hope of the notice board(19cm×10cm)", please fill in "the notice of necessary message board" and "a message itself" in the remarks column. When you are unnecessary in a notice board, please ignore it. I will put it in the big box and fix it so that the bowl does not fall down and send it out by normal temperature service.


6,580円(税抜 6,092円、税 488円)

This burdock is already acquired JAS certification. Though it is an rough indication for the certification that the organic soil is used for more than three years in a row, his organic farming continuation is 24 years! I can't help saying that he is full-scale! The nation guarantees that these are the relief and safe vegetables. In addition, this is by completely non-pesticides farming.


4,380円(税抜 4,055円、税 325円)

The representative area of Yuzu cultivation in Japan, Hinokage-Town Nishi-Usuki-County in Miyazaki prefecture. I made a "Set of Yuzu and Hot-Pepper", the exquisite in this area. (Speaking of "pepper", it "is a hot pepper" in Kyushu.) Not to mention the cultivation method of Yuzu and the hot pepper as the materials, he has much originalities how to make processed products such as the Yuzu-Hot-Pepper. The largest originality is a point that it has "little salt content". It is finished to the density (secret) of half degree of the normal salinity (secret). The expiration date is described on a label. It is set from eight months to ten months from production date. He never makes shipment at all the thing which passed for two months from the production date. He will deliver you by RT service.

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